Terms & Conditions



  • All materials need to be paid for in full prior to installation date.
  • Balance of payment / order to be paid on installation date.
  • Payment can be made via cash, cheque, direct deposit, credit card (Visa, Mastercard) which will incur a 1% surcharge on payment made.


Title of Goods

  • Title of goods does not pass to the buyer until payment in full is received by the seller from the buyer


Installation Date

  • We request a week’s notice if your installation date needs to be altered. In the event, our installers attend site to find site is not ready for installation, additional charges ($250 fee) will be incurred to cover the installers loss of income for the day.


Cancellation of any Order

  • After deposit has been paid and order has been placed, in most instances, a cancellation fee of 25% of the total sale price will be incurred.


Painted Areas

  • All care will be taken to ensure your painted surfaces will be protected during the installation. However, please note, that this is a major installation and some minor damage (rubbing or scratching) may occur. Damage is more likely if paint has not had an opportunity to cure.


Variation to Sample

  • Newline Carpets allows for a small variance between samples shown and materials ordered due to the age of the sample and dye lot variation between manufactured batches


Occupational Health and Safety

  • Newline Carpets and its installation team make every effort to maintain a safe working environment for the installers and the general public and follow safe working procedures as per our SWMS at all times.



  • Newline Carpets will endeavour to allow for all subfloor preparation during the tender stage. In some cases, it is impossible to determine subfloor preparation due to existing floorcoverings.  Additional costs may be incurred if subfloor preparation is required.


Door Clearance

  • Cutting of doors is the responsibility of the customer



  • Moving of furniture is the customer’s responsibility prior to and post installation unless included in the quotation. If we are moving furniture, please refer to our Pre-installation checklist.


Underfloor Heating

  • Heat pad under floor heating will need a qualified electrician present to disconnect and reconnect on the day of the installation. Heated slabs require the carpet grippers and trims to be glued down to avoid damage by nailing and will incur an extra labour charge.


Shading/Watermarking and Patterned Carpets

  • ‘Shading’ (watermarking or permanent pile reversal) will occur in all cut pile carpets (plush and twist) due to unknown factors other than traffic, and is not a manufacturing fault. The presence of ‘shading’ in a carpet does not affect the life or durability of the carpet.


Alarms (Fire and Security)

  • Our installers use heat irons to join carpet lengths, and it will be necessary for all smoke detectors to be isolated during installation to avoid alarms being set off


Parking and Access

  • Suitable parking must be made available to the installers. Installers require that they have safe entry for carrying equipment and heavy materials to work areas. They will not carry materials up ladders or across gangplanks.  Access must be given at the scheduled time or alternatively keys and/or access codes must be provided prior to scheduled date.


Newline Carpets will make every effort to install all floorcoverings to the Australia/NZ standards whenever possible.